Get 2 Know Us


We are a dynamic duo, a teacher and a lawyer, bonded by our passion to live a good life that is filled with a diversity of experiences and of course, delicious food. Kyoko is an energetic, and vivacious teacher who enjoys traveling and babbling around the world. Angie is an adventurous lawyer who is usually on the go, but will always make time for good food and even better company.

So what’s all this nonsense about, you ask?

It all began one lazy morning as we were indulging in our mugs of morning java when we stumbled across 7×7’s Big Eat list of 100 dishes to taste in San Francisco. As we browsed through the list of pictures of food, our stomachs began to grumble loudly. Our heads told us that this was ridiculous but our GUTS told us that this was a brilliant feat that we would be fools to not accept. So here we are now: 2 gals, 100 dishes, 305 days.

We invite you to get a taste of our crumby life – because there’s always an extra seat at the table for new friends. Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions, we love and appreciate all the support! Cheers!

Angie and Kyoko


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